Introduction to HUMIXELS!

HUMIXELS! is a Mixels alternate universe where there's only anthropomorphic mixels named humixels but some of them have different personalities. The series can be serious at times compared to Mixels but it's still friendly for younger audiences. The founder, MlXJ3STlC, has had this HUMIXELS! idea for a long time and later made doriandraws as a co-founder with the reason that she has found a out a lot about the series and its species. Unlike Mixels, HUMIXELS! is more likely to focus on 3-6 characters as the main, or even more, depends on what kind of HUMIXELS! sub-series is. HUMIXELS! also has different sub-series, which means that each oof the series can focus on the certain characters as main.

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For those who want their Mixels OCs in HUMIXELS!

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